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First ever blog

I noticed my website automatically came with a blog section. I always kind of wanted to try blogging like on Wordpress or something but I’m technologically challenged, so I never did. I don’t know if anyone will ever read any of this bit maybe I’ll just use it as some kind of online journal that would be a fun hobby.

Today it was super cold outside for Texas. It was 37 degrees this morning. I still made my kids ride their bikes to school 🥶. They survived! I made a pound cake and worked on some sewing. I placed an order for my first ever custom fabrics. They won’t be in until like February though. Everyone is asleep now except me, as usual. At least I get to update my website and write this super interesting blog post! Ok thats all I got. Oh and here is my model Maya being cute today. ❤️ 🍓

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