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Comipo [Full Version] (Final 2022)




Subscriptions cannot be renewed during this period. To upgrade to a new ComiPo! Desktop or Steam version, please visit for info and the upgrade instructions. ComiPo! desktop version has "ComiPo! desktop (steam version)" as a service "product". The update of ComiPo! desktop is scheduled on December 31, 2020 (Dec. 31, 2020). When it will be opened, please refer to the notice at (通知) Update of ComiPo! desktop 2020/09/30 (日) The update of ComiPo! desktop version is scheduled on Dec. 31, 2020 (Dec. 31, 2020). When it will be opened, please refer to the notice at 【Online activation】 2019/11/16 We have ended the online activation of ComiPo! desktop version. Please download and install the game, then activate it. 【Important】 We have added a method to activate "ComiPo! desktop (steam version)" as a "product" via the Steam Store. We strongly recommend that you make a purchase from the Steam Store when you update to the ComiPo! desktop (steam version) version. ComiPo! desktop version will not be accessible if you upgrade directly from the ComiPo! desktop version. Please refer to the notice at for details. 【Update notice】 2019/10/25 As the termination day of the subscription of ComiPo! desktop(non-steam) in Japan, we are updating the following "service" and "product" to "End of Subscription" without renewing. As for the update of the product, there is no change. For other service, there are 2 methods. ・Including the update of product, the product itself is updated. ・Removing the product, after the subscription expires, the current version is no longer available. The method, including the update of product, is effective in the following regions. ・Japan(including overseas) ・Europe, Middle East, Africa ・Asia ・Oceania We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may




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Comipo [Full Version] (Final 2022)

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